Malaysian Bar is your platform of effective communication
Malaysian Bar is your platform of effective communication

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Malaysian Bar is your platform of effective communication

Malaysian Bar is your platform of effective communication

Does it takes you long enough to get engaged with the Malaysian Bar and various stakeholder? Or are you looking for legal informations?

Malaysian Bar is a mobile app that act as a platform where effective communication and engagements can be made between the Malaysian Bar and its various stakeholders namely the Members of the Bar, members of the public, ministries and agencies that the Bar work closely with, the judiciary, the Attorney General’s Chambers, the Legal Profession Qualifying Board, and others.

Malaysian Bar is an app that aimed at two main audience groups which is the Members of the Bar and the public.It gives both audiences different features to be experienced where it brings in content of Malaysian Bar and ensures interactions happen within few clicks.

Members’ App Features:
Malaysian Bar has Continuing Professional Develpment (CPD) where it allows calendar listing and users to register with online payment option of events organised by the Malaysian Bar.

It is convenient for members to search for information,news,press statements issued by the Malaysian Bar.

A list of firms’ contact information and details of areas of practice are provided with GPS-enabled maps that links to the address of coordinates.

Malaysian Bar also provides links relevant to government ministries and agencies that the Malaysian Bar work with and also a list of members’ circulars and members’ only news / information.

This mobile app has digital library that list the rules or regulations that governs the legal practice as well as job listing for member firms.

And if users want to know more detailed, Malaysian Bar provides links to their social media platform which keeps users updated at all time with off-line usage capability.

Public App Features:
Malaysian Bar allows public to search for lawyers and law firms which links to maps,with GPS coordinates at any location within Peninsular Malaysia of their choice.

Malaysian Bar is a mobile app links with the Legal Profession Qualifying Board on its role, information on recognised universities and Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP) eligibility, application and other related information.

Public can easily search for information on public events organized by the Malaysian Bar.With this, it increase the public and civil society engagement with the Malaysian Bar and its work for the community and society.

Through Malaysian Bar,public can know about the importance of the rule of law and constitutional rights as a citizen of Malaysia as well as information on the Malaysian Bar’s Legal Aid and National Legal Aid Foundation programmes

Malaysian Bar also act as a public complaint channel against lawyers and information on lawyers who are being struck-off the rolls.

Download Malaysian Bar today for more information!

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Download here for Android

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