Elevating Your Experience In The New Era of Healthcare
Elevating Your Experience In The New Era of Healthcare

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Elevating Your Experience In The New Era of Healthcare

Elevating Your Experience In The New Era of Healthcare

The wait is over, whether you’re unwell ,looking to improve your personal health or even have a quick question to ask the doctor. Doc2Us App is you personal pocket doctor with LIVE messaging app, allowing you to chat with your personal doctor within a tap away.

Doc2Us App lets you talk to highly qualified healthcare providers such as Family Doctors, Specialists, Pharmacists, Dieticians and Nutritionists via text chat at any time, and from anywhere.

Talk to Us
You can now text your preferred doctor and get instant response regardless of the time at the comfort of work or even on your sofa. Negating the hassle of meeting a doctor saves everyone more than time. More importantly, it also means that ‘seeing’ a doctor is now more affordable and accessible.

What we treat
We’re often asked how a doctor can treat a patient without physically examining them.But in most cases cases, you are able to get the initial treatment or advice they need within a touch because on Doc2Us, there are a variety of healthcare professionals ranging from general practitioners, specialists, nutritionists/dieticians and pharmacists that you may choose from.

Different languages
It’s a fact that not everyone speaks the same language, hence on the platform, you can select your preferred healthcare professionals of different background and language abilities. And if you are too lazy to type, you no longer have to worry because you can send a picture or voice message to your preferred healthcare practitioner.

Electronic Prescription
Now you can request electronic prescription for your chronic stable conditions from our fully-licensed doctors via the platform. Subsequently, you can visit any of our partnered pharmacies to refill your regular medications which are dispensed by pharmacists safely through the platform itself.

Doc2Us App aims to offer you a higher standard of personalised care and experience a whole new era of medicine by providing you a more accessible and affordable innovative healthcare services.

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