One stop portal at D'Care for Digizens | Valerie Tan | Page 2
One stop portal at D'Care for Digizens | Valerie Tan | Page 2

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One stop portal at D'Care for Digizens | Valerie Tan | Page 2

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One stop portal at D’Care for Digizens

Line get too busy sometimes? Or can’t get through to the HR? With D’Care app, Digi employees no longer have to worry not getting accessible to the HR department. The “D’Care” portal is the primary point of contact for all Digizens to enquire anything about

Asia Live anywhere, anytime you want

  Asia Live is an app with the potential to bring us live TV and live Radio more quickly than a TV can. With the expansion of technology, we can now watch live TV and listen to live Radio from around Asia without having to

Achieve Better Financial Credit Health through CTOS

Are you worry about your financial credit health?Or are you worry about your chances of getting a loan? CTOS is Malaysia’s leading credit reporting agency with thousands of businesses and banks subscribers that helps you to monitor and stay informed of your creditworthiness. CTOS is

My Zhulian keeps your business hassle-free

Are you familiar with hassle-free services that helps you to keep track of your business? My Zhulian is an effective mobile application that allows you to access the latest digital apps with the utmost convenience of having your monthly bonus and incentives credited directly to

Snap, report and share it on MY Driver.

Whether it’s illegal or immorally, hoggers of the emergency lane are on notice. There are times we get so frustrated when some drivers tend to abuse the emergency lane, especially when we are all o stuck in a jam. And yet, there are people holding

Ease your calculations with Malaysia Home Loan Calculator

Malaysia Home Loan Calculator is designed for Malaysia home buyer or foreign property investor based on latest rules and regulations in Malaysia. It is the first all-in-one offline home loan calculator for Malaysia, which includes loan repayment calculation, amortization schedule by year and month, legal

Hyundai MY connects closely with its customer

Mobile technology is changing the way we approach our aspects in our lives,including our vehicles. Hyundai MY is an official Hyundai Malaysia mobile app that has the ability to streamline and simplify their functions and features tailored just for their customer. Hyundai MY serves as

Build your dikes of courage with Public Infobanjir

Water causes havoc and becomes terror when it flooded.And yet worries often mount over flood risk causing homeowners in affected area to be on the brink of an insurance crisis. Public Infobanjir is the official mobile app for Department of Irrigation and Drainage Malaysia or