Lyfe@Home creates better home security for you | Valerie Tan
Lyfe@Home creates better home security for you | Valerie Tan

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Lyfe@Home creates better home security for you | Valerie Tan

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Lyfe@Home creates better home security for you

The line between security and privacy sometimes can be blurry , in fact Lyfe@Home is an app that keep both privacy and security intact by getting to know you and your family and help you keep watch for signs of strangers while you’re busy. Lyfe@Home

Let EasyLaw handle the complicated calculations for you

Going through legal issues? Launching a business? Got into accident? Writing a will? Or even facing a lawsuit? In any of the situations, EasyLaw App is the best tool for lawyers, real estate agents, bankers, property investors & anyone who needs lawyers and commissioner for

Endless way of communication with 魏一宁 App

The maximalist world of Chinese music, which is quickly becoming a worldwide influence which used to bloomed from a monochromatic array of traditional operas and communist anthems. Chinese music has become popular over the years, blaring from taxicab radios and department store speakers, is distinctly

Manage your projects in Digi’s sites with D’PTW

Having a web presence alone is no longer sufficient in a company, as online activity continues to shift to mobile. Simply put, smartphone apps have become too important tool for a big corporate to do without. The rise in mobile-phone usage means that smartphone apps

Stay informed on the road with Vista360App

Vista360App is an application that offers flexible and simplified mobile solution that helps users to stay informed of every possible service issues while being on the road. Through increasing end-user awareness and ongoing advances in technology are shaping better products and services, especially Vista360App. Vista360App

Diesel King is here to cater your orders

Been wasting time looking for high quality Diesel Fuel? Or you are still searching for the reliable Diesel Fuel distributor? Diesel King under Excel Petroleum is a mobile app that helps you fuel solution to your problem.Diesel King app guaranteed high quality standards of Diesel

Snap and fix with MDEC SnapNFix

MDEC is a government-owned agency pioneer to transform Malaysia’s digital economy.To succeed on the front line, MDEC start off with their employees. MDEC SnapNfix is a mobile application designed for MDEC employees to raise facility issues and stay up-to-date on created case. MDEC SnapNFix rolls